Teams Connectors: You had me at Flow!

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Hey Teams Team thank you so much for this AMA!


I saw the exciting news that we can create Flows with Teams! We use Freshdesk as our ticketing app. Is it possible to create a connector to make a new ticket within Teams? It would be a great way to convert our users over to Teams (the ability to live chat a ticket, etc.).


Thank you


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I'm afraid we may not have the right SME for this on this call. Checking with my colleagues on how we can help you further.

@jtrustees - Would you want to have the user create a message in Teams that gets pushed to Freshdesk or do you want it the other way around?

@Scott Stubberfield Hey Scott thanks for your reply! I would like to have users create a message in Teams that gets pushed to Freshdesk :smile:

@Francois Doremieux Thank you so much, Francois. I really appreciate any information you might be able to find :smile:

@jtrustees - I have not personally tried this but it should work pretty easily.


Freshdesk does have a Flow connector which you can use with Teams.


What they don't have though is a connector template that starts from a Teams message and then pushes to Freshdesk. You should be able to do this on your own though.


Here is the connector template that shows how to trigger based on an incoming email and push to Freshdesk.


You should be able to customize this to use Teams as the trigger. 


Here is an example connector using Teams as the trigger.


If you combine them both together to build your own flow, you should achieve what you are looking for.



@Scott Stubberfield This is perfect, Scott thank you so much! I'm going to try it right now! This was my first Microsoft AMA and you guys were amazing!

Thank you all so much I'm very appreciative :smile: