Teams client for Surface Hub?

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Because the Surface Hub can only run Windows Store apps, the current incarnation of the Teams app cannot be used on Surface Hub.  Is there a Store version of the Teams client coming?

If so, will it be available for use on all Windows clients, or only on Surface Hub?


If not, how will Teams work with a Surface Hub?

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Great question. I’m interested in the answer too. I expect that MSTeams might also work with Edge browser on the Hub soon.

While that's a possibility, I don't expect a browser based client to provide the full Teams experience like a native client would, especially when it comes to taking advantage of the unique hardware in a Surface Hub.  

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Same - roadmap released yesterday mentions Edge support as well as Surface Hubs. Roadmap here shows Edge support for meetings by end of Q4, and Surface Hub support by end of Q2, C2018. Hoping that's via Universal App or a complete new shell for the Surface Hubs that is fully immersed and converged meeting experience regardless of meeting URL (teams vs. SFB/SFBO).
This is on our roadmap and likely to be available by end of Q2 of 2018
Check out this session from Ignite:

11:30-17:30 talks about Teams in Skype Room Systems and Surface Hub!

As far as we're aware, part of the changes to the Skype for Business client in 1703 was to enable support for Teams (such as 4-up video). The Device calendar will also show whether the meeting is SfB or Teams.

The current teams client is pretty much a web browser... It's an electron app pre-configured to use a website for teams.  The browser in question as mic and camera access pre-enabled, and is based around Chrome's interfaces (which may differ from edge).  It should be possible to have all features in browser.


That said, Edge may have varying support for needed apis, and the UX for enabling permissions isn't the greatest.   It probably uses WebRTC as well via controlled STUN/TURN servers from MS.  In any case, with systems support via edge, etc, it should be possible to add support for Edge, or app-store javascript apps if the APIs needed are added, which are likely already on the timeline for the quarter before support from Teams directly.

Deploy Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub (Updated: 07/10/2018)

That article doesn't mention it, but according to the Microsoft Store, Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub requires that the Surface Hub is enrolled in the Windows Insider Program.  I assume that is just temporary, and that an upcoming OS update will enable the app outside of the Insider program. 

@Steve Whitcher yes. The next release of SurfaceHub allows the collaboration apps to be chosen and updated separately to the operating system, hence allowing the Teams app for Surface Hub to either work with or replace the Skype app.

Same goes for the new Whiteboard app.

I enrolled in the Windows Insider Program so we could have Teams on our Surface Hub.  As of 12/10/18 our Surface Hub is in an infinite loop of "Getting ready for the next session".  Now I get to go through the fun process of using the Surface Hub Recovery Tool (linked in case someone else needs it) to re-image the Hub.  Please get Teams for Hub pushed out as a normal release as soon as possible.

You don't need to be enrolled in the Windows Insider Program any longer for Teams support (although the client itself is still very much in preview).

Teams support was added on the 31 August 2018 update:

Thank you. I discovered it in the app store as I was recovering the Surface Hub from the loop Windows Insider put me in.  The "Teams for Surface Hub" document from Microsoft (dated 12/3 at the time of this post) includes instructions and a link to the provisioning packages on OneDrive.  


The Surface Hub has been an interesting venture into corporate AV tech, but for a small business I think a ClearTouch is a better solution.  It is many times easier to manage when you do not have corporate level MDM implemented and the skill pool to go with it.