Teams client API

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In Skype we are using the client API to integrate with role specific applications, such as attendant console and service desk client. We use the API to control the phone (hook state), presence etc.

Teams does not yet offer a similar API.
What are the plans for this?
Currently, this is a showstopper for many of our customers.

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Hi @Marc Derksen,


We will have more information to share on this a little later this calendar year. You can track this item in our Public Roadmap (filter for Teams) - and look for Teams Voice Platform.

@Bryan Nyce Is there any update on this? It's been over a year since your comment and it seems almost no progress has been made on this. Many large customers have commented here stating its a road block for them to migrate to teams, especially for voice. It feels like its just on the backburner for MS and isn't a priority.