Teams Chat: "In reply to" versus "Reply"


When chatting in a channel, it would be nice to be able to reply to a specific message in the thread (like Yammer has currently) than simply replying to the thread. Is this something you're considering? I realize by hitting the ellipsis for a specific message in a chat, I could pick up the link and refer to that but not as clean as the "in reply to" or "reply to this message" as Yammer calls it. Thanks!

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Thank you for the feedback Dean! This is something we will review. 

I'm a fan of the Reddit-style nested replies. It makes it clear who is replying to whom.
+1 for this as well, keeping conversations in the thread makes finding information alot easier our users know to use threads but when bouncing back and forth in channels and quickly typing the forget they are not replying to a thread and make a new conversation by mistake constantly
Still waiting for this feature. I have to capture screen portion to simulate reply which is annoying.

+1. Definitely needed

Definitely a requirement. +1 for this

This is much-needed. Is there already a User Voice for this?  

+1 Desperately needed.
You can use this "quote master" addon to reply to a specific message -

@Dean Swann 

Would be great to have it in Direct Messages (Chat) as well.

Hi @Lorraine Wong , may we know the status of the review?


Will this feature be coming anytime soon on the desktop app? I have only seen it on the mobile Teams app.

Hello @Lorraine Wong, hope you are doing well.
Wanted to ask if this feature had been reviewed and if it will make it to the live version.

Thank you

@_BAS_ We have small teams that are not a full blown channel, and it would make it much easier to track conversations with this capability.

@Lorraine Wong This would greatly help with conversations and eliminate confusion.  Sometimes conversations have multiple points that are discussed.  This would help streamline the replies.

@Dean Swann and other guys, I thought I posted it before...


I have the answer for some of you, but it's not as easy as we would like, try the following:

Copy the message you want to reply to.
Press Shift + >. ( something will change in the text editor )
Paste the message.
Double enter and the start typing symbol will move to the next line.

@acaaguirre This is the best method available for now, but it is still pretty bad, since:

1. It does not trigger a personal notification for the person you are replying to

2. It does not allow to easily navigate to the original message

3. It is tedious