Teams chat functionality within Outlook emails

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i understand that I can forward emails to Teams but is it possible or are there plans to make Teams available within Outloook. For example rather creating a Group and forwarding the email to that Group and having a chat within Teams, it would be very useful if I got an email from a customer that I could open chat with a collegue in Teams from within the email rather than having to forward the email to a group or send emails back and forth.

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How do you forward an email to a "Team"?

You can forward emails to a channel in Teams


@Greg Gangitano wrote:
How do you forward an email to a "Team"?

Hey Greg, if you go to the Team / Channel you want to email, go to the top, click the ellipsis and you can grab the email address. 

This is a very common customer service scenario but is also applicable to things like helpdesk tickets or service incidents.  We're working on some templates that will accelerate people's ability to do this seamlessly.  An interactive card, bot or other simple integrations will facilitate this rather than a product feature because each company uses different back end tools to manage and monitor customer or ticket volumes.  Stay tuned next quarter for more of these use cases to show how this can easily be accomplished.