Teams Channel Tabs - Request Web Site Tab

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A challenge I have is that not everything fits into the Teams window.

As an example if I use a web site link to a wide SharePoint list (lots of columns) it won't fit into the little box.

Can you add an "Open in new window" option for the Web Site tab (and any document types too)?


I know Microsoft wants to keep everything in a neat little box, but not all boxes are the right size.



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Great feedback and good UX suggestion. I'll feed it back to the team as they contionuously refine and adddress user feedback and future asks.

Thanks for the feedback Christopher. I’ll take that back to the team for consideration. Idea is to help manage and access content without leaving the context. But great feedback to have an option to browse in full screen mode when file is too big. It’s really helpful to hear those examples. Appreciate you taking the time to share them.
Hey team - we should also support internal web sites (that are not internet-routable), and http if I insist that it's safe.

Has the ability to link to a non http"s" website been made available?   What if I know it's a safe site?

I think this could be even more generic that this. When you have just one window in and you flip between teams, channels and tabs you constantly lose the context of what you were doing and have to start again. If I have a chat in SfB I have multiple tabs and can easily switch between them but I can't apply this same concept to a Team window as the context always switches back to the conversations tab, when I perhaps wanted to be in the OneNote tab which I was working in 5 mins ago.


Popping out tabs or teams into separate windows, or more tiles could be helpful. I think it's critical to get this user interface right if you want to bring so much collaboration into one place and at the moment it isn't quite there.