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Is there a list anywhere of the 'top 10/50 apps that people use with teams? for diff settings e.g. education etc... and is there any categorisation of apps re: type 1 - have full MS backing/security etc.. type 2 may need more investigation on your side and type 3 are fully 3rd party apps i.e. a tiered 'trust/compliance' level and also an indication of top 365 apps being used - would help with the constant requirements for new app access etc...

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Hi there -


Here's where you can find some great resources about Microsoft Teams as a platform that might help you find the answers to  your questions:


One of our partners published some info on most used apps that might be able to help you, too? - Though, it's a bit out dated; there might be a more recent article:

@Laurie PottmeyerThanks Laurie, my question wasn't worded to well I was wondering if you had a 'live league table' of top apps that you see customers downloading per licence type... e.g. to 50 downloaded apps for an education tenant etc... but your links are a start so thanks :)