Teams and Video

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Today I tested adding video... directly into Teams, and sadly the user experience is poor -

  • opens into a new browser tab
  • when adding the link from O365 Video (single source of truth) - horrendous long link,
  • and no direct playing in the feed.


Are there plans for better integrate between these two?

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Great feedback and thanks for using O365 Video as well. We're looking into better media and file support in chats, so please continue to share and vote on ideas. I found this one in the feedback system here: And another one here:

I have a customer (Director of a BU) at the moment who would like to do a quick video update in a channel in her Team...but this really isn't a quick and easy thing.


The option is:

1. record video using your laptop software or your phone
2. upload it to stream
3. grab the link from stream and enter it into a tab in Teams
4. post in teams about a new video in the tab


Note: Alternately skip step 3 and just post the Stream link in a post (it won't be a playable thumbnail like you get for recorded meetings, it's just a link)

All this feels very high friction, but will have to do for now


It's a pity a big use case like video broadcasts is in place, but a simply click to record video and post is not.


* I know Yammer is positioned better for this, but Yammer is not turned on, and Teams offers unique functionality that makes up this use case that Yammer does not

I see my colleague Darrell demoing that Teams mobile app has a record/add video feature. It stores the video in SP and adds a video attachment to the post in Teams. Which you then click on and watch within Teams....not quite a playable thumbnail but nearly there.

Teams on my device doesn't have the video option. Only Take a photo or upload photo from library. I don't see any updates for teams, so I think I am on the latest version.

Mine has take photo, take video, photo library

Poorly thought through as usual - there's a Stream "app" available as a tab but not O365 video .... since Teams is just a skin sitting on top of a SP site, why on earth didn't they think of adding an upload video option and build in a player? So shortsighted...

Any update on this? This is the only thing holding us back from utilizing Teams over Workplace by Facebook. When we finally have embedded media all of our communication can go through company wide teams thereby eliminating the need for yet another communication tool of workplace.

We just began using this and I pasted a Youtube link into the chat, and there was no preview in the app. Quite a poor user experience.

The same for me, I find the user experience very poor in Teams concerning the use of video files (mp4, wmv etc.). I tried to upload a video file (mp4) in a team and link to it in a Powerpoint document which is also loaded in my team. So I copied the Teams url of the mp4 file (doing a copy url from the context menu associated to the mp4 file) and I created an hyperlink in my powerpoint document to that video file, but when I click on the link, nothing happens !! 

And when I click directly on my video file in Teams, the video does not start automatically, you have to press on "Play" to play it and nothing is proposed in Teams to play it automatically. For that, Teams seems to be an unfinished product and I'm surprised to see that Microsoft do not make rapid progress on what I consider as major bugs in a collaboration tool :\