Teams and the current O365 and On Premise Eco System

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As teams is currently set, where does teams fit into the current infrasctructure both on premise and in the cloud that companies are currently invested in?


I know that the integration is going to be the corner stone, but where does that currently lie as it is, where it is going, and by when. As far as currently managaing teams, groups, planner, onenote, onedrive, ext. There seems to be no current fluidity to the cross functionality, managment, and administration.


Is there any roadmap in place to when these features are going to be implemented, or if they will be available at all?

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Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 chat based solution and For the full Microsoft Teams experience, every user should be enabled for Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. ##Users' Exchange mailboxes can be hosted online or on-premises. ##Users with Exchange mailboxes on-premises will not be able to configure connectors, but can still receive messages from connectors configured by other users.

Thanks Sean, that's good to know. Just curious how if at all the integration lies within Skype for Business. Is there any plans to integrate with Skype for Business on premise?