Teams and Content Types, Retention policies data classification

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@Eric Starker We are trying to move from SharePoint 2013 to 365. We want to use the Teams app but we have to tag all files with a data classification level and super granular retention polices to meet the Alberta Canada government policy ARDA. (a meeting minutes document will have a different retention policy then a meeting agenda document. Its super granular and 100's of different document types have to be tagged. ) Currently in 2013 we use content types to meet these polices. Our users hate having to fill in a zillion fields each time the upload a doc and so our adoption of SP203 has been low. They classify things wrong, and our search is linked to the content types and so it doesn't work great. I read not to add custom content types to the default Documents library where the Teams files tab puts files. I'm hoping with the 365 retention polices we won't have to use content types anymore and we can have the system tag files using keywords so our user don't have to do this and we can still meet these government regulations. Is this correct can we do this? If we stop using content types in SP online what will be the
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Hello! I'm not a product expert, just a community manager here, but the team has seen your question!
So I found another post that answered half of my questions. It looks like now you can use content types with Teams. I haven't tested this yet, but this post says that, that feature was schedule for Nov 2018 I'm still looking for advice if content type is the best way to go or not.