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Is there a way to create Teams template ?

If already planned when ?



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We're working on team templates. We're also currently working on a feature which would allow you to use an existing team as template and allow you to use the channel structure and team info for a new team without bringing in any of the content or conversations over

Great. Any availability date ?

When you're saying you are working on Team templates, does that also include Planner templates and Sharepoint templates.  In our company wee need 'templification' of all these apps, so when a new Team is created it is based on an existing SharePoint template and a Planner template.  Will that be included?




Any timeline on this??

Are we able to have all teams reference a master template? I think this would be greatly beneficial.


In the event more granular settings have been introduced (e.g. recently there were two more permission toggles for guest access) we would have to go through every team and manually update them.


Having a team template is useful on creation, however in the future when needing to change the settings of all the teams created by a certain template I think it would be hugely beneficial to have a master template which is referenced by all the other teams.

Any news here? When will this feature be available? 

Another vote for templates / forms here.  We would really appreciate the ability to create forms - possibly with optional/mandatory fields, which can be tabbed through.


An option to add / change the fields under the "Bucket" sub-heading might also beneficial.

At least it should be possible to choose your own SharePoint site template to be used as the site where the files are stored.

We need the ability to use a template for our teams, any updates on this feature? 

I'm also looking for such template

+1 for Team Templates

I need this to, how long will it take.  It should be a standard feature 

Why is such a simple request taking more than 4 months? 

Joe you sound like a Project manager a simple thing like this..... ;)

Well it is way more complicated than you think as you need to provision teams only you also need Exchange, SharePoint and Skype... 

Haven't been a PM for a LONG time, but I have done SharePoint, exchange, etc. and I don't see why it's so difficult to allow at least cloning of teams. At least until they can get "template" defined correctly. 

I understand and hope for a fast solution. I guess the team is now working on Skype migration to Teams. Hope that they fix this as well would love to be able to Provision and migrate teams. within Office365 instead of doing all manual

+1 to this

+another 1

Another vote for templates!