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How long does chat text persist?

Is there a way to set this?

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Hi Christopher! The chats never expire in Teams - you can always get back to your previous conversation. In the recent list of chats we will however hide chats that are older than 4 weeks. You can get to hidden chats via search.

Is it possible to set the chats to actually auto delete after a period of time?

We are also working on retention policies as part of our compliance investments, which will let you specify a finite retention for both live and archived chats.
Is there a way to auto delete the chat text after a period of time?
Right now we don't have a way to automatically delete chats but we're working on retention policy updates that will let you set that up.

We need to journal all Microsoft Teams chats and other messages to Global Relay. We already journal our Exchange messages and we need to do the same for Microsoft Teams before we can deploy it to our users. This is a compliance requirement. Would you be able to implement that?

Is it possible to create a chat for an entire team?

Where does the "chat logs" are stored? Are they on the machine? Server?  

If we are still using Hybrid mode with Exchange On-Premises, how do we archive Teams communication?