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Any plans on having a Team Calendar? The personal calendar is nice but working as a team it would be nice to have a shared calendar so that we can place Time Off dates and project dates as well.


Also see the New Relic connector, is there an Application Insights connector in the works as well?

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Because teams usually have multiple things going on, would be nice to have multiple calendars.  One for Projects, one for vacations (ideally, one that has some work flow associated with it.  We are using the Room resource for a vacation calendar for multiple teams in our organization currently, which seems to be a kludge), etc.  If it could be like the calendar in Outlook where you can overlay the calendars by checking them, that would be better!  I would really like to have a calendar for teams with integrated workflow where the team members can request time off and the manager can approve it.  If the particular calendar could be integrated with Flow, then all the more better where you can determine how the workflow should go for approvals.


+ xxx1 Team Calendar. 

I have to use sharepoint to establish a calendar and add this page back to Team Tab as temp use

+1 for calendar tab

Any updates on this at all?

One of our teams added their Groups SharePoint Calendar as a Tab by adding the Link to the Calendar. So now the Tab displays the Teams Live SharePoint Calendar.

But the SharePoint calendar doesn’t function across Outlook on different devices, or give you reminders like a regular calendar. It’s better to add the shared calendar for the Office 365 Group created with the Team. Though I don’t see a way to add it in the Outlook mobile app.

This popular request from UserVoice has been moved back to review.
We know that the Group mailbox and calendar are being used in the background to send meeting invites.
The post on UserVoice talks about external dependencies hindering plans.
How will you expose the Group calendar in a Team?
Would it be feasible to have a calendar per channel? We know that a mailbox can have multiple calendars.
I would just like to see the existing Group calendar surfaced in the Teams client, either as a tab at the top of the team or similar to the existing Meetings tab on the left of the teams client. In fact, I fully expected that the meetings tab would be our team calendar, not my own.

Channels are a great concept, and if there was an ability to add a calendar for each channel I wouldn't be opposed to that, but I think surfacing the overall group calendar in the teams client should be a much higher priority than adding more calendars.
Another issue related to Team Calendars are the meeting invites. When you book a Room with the initial meeting, and then you need to move the meeting, the calendar no longer has available Rooms for selections. I stopped using Teams Meetings invite for later dates, that might move.

Yes, but assignment due dates are not added to the group calendar I don't believe.

I like the multiple calendars idea. We make heavy use of calendar overlays in our teamsites.

Teams can’t subscribe all team members to all invites added to the shared calendar, like Groups for Outlook can. I don’t think I’d want that either. After listening to the Team Meetings session at MSIgnite, I see how meetings can be created “public”, while also inviting specific people to the meeting. The invitees get an email and it appears on their personal calendars. I think it would also be useful to see the “public” meetings in the Group shared calendar, so you can plan to attend the meeting even though you’re not explicitly invited. I.e. Add to my calendar.

I have found a way to get it to default to the group calendar when adding it as a connector website in teams. If you go to your office 365 mail webpage, then select the group you want the calendar for. This will display the group email but there are also options at the top to go to Conversations, Files, Calendar, Notebook. Click Calendar and it will take you to the url for the group calendar. You can tell because the group name is in the url. Copy this url and then create your connector and choose website, give the connector tab a name and paste into the URL field. Voila, you have your calendar!

Why not have 1 calendar that I fill in and have the items show in multiple places, based on a selection I make.  Why should I need to keep multiple calendars?  It is a computer and a database, right?  Make it work for me not against me.  Make is easy to use.  Allow me to fill in an item and based on some rules or other options show that in multiple places.  If my boss wants to see when I am out of the office, any Out Of Office item has a rule to show on calendar X, Y, and H as well as my personal calendar.  If I need to fill out different calendars for different items, and also have the rest of a team fill in that same calendar, I now have to see all their stuff as well.  I don't care when Joe is on vacation or out of the office, so I keep a second calendar for me, and now I forget to add or update some location, ESPECIALLY when a Meeting Request from someone else changes.


@Jeff LarsonI use the URL with the group name in it.  It shows on the tab, but also include my personal events which I do not want.


Another issue is this calendar will not show in mobile phone.  


This is a 'must' feature in both desktop and mobile for us to implement teams.  

@Zeff Wheelockexactly what I'm looking for, as well.  hard to comprehend that this isn't an up-front available feature.