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Any plans on having a Team Calendar? The personal calendar is nice but working as a team it would be nice to have a shared calendar so that we can place Time Off dates and project dates as well.


Also see the New Relic connector, is there an Application Insights connector in the works as well?

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Hi Jared, thanks for your idea. Can you please add this as, "Share an idea" through the Feedback icon. We'll add this to the things we are considering.

The group calendar that gets created with each team is another option - you can join/view these in Outlook.

Jared - would your team use the calendar within Office 365 Groups?

This is already there:


Every Teams created is part of the Office 365 Groups construct.

This means that along with Teams that provides the Chat functionality, you get a SharePoint Team Site and you also get an Outlook Calendar that belongs to that Group aka Team.



The calendar is there in Outlook as you stated, but it would be nice if this calendar could be surfaced as a Tab within the team for quick access for everyone.



First week since it's been released, I am sure it's something that will come. But Agreed :D

In addition to access the O365 group calendar in a Team tab, it would be helpful to access the calendard in the user's preferred mobile calendar App such as Outlook Mobile, Apple native calendar, or Android native calendar.  This would match the current ability to access a stand alone Exchange Shared Calendar in mobile calendar apps.

+1 for Calendar Tab in Teams.

Another +1

+1 for Calendar Tab

Adding another +1 to an easily implimented (and MUCH needed) feature.

+1 team calender is really essential 

+1 for this idea!

+1 good idea


Group Calendar integration within Teams is MUCH needed. There are some features available within Groups (like scheduling appointments without requiring invitations sent to the entire team) and categorizing appointment/scheduled entries which are not currently available as meetings within the Team environment. It would be great if we could add appointments/deadlines to a Team calendar that gave us an option of notifying the entire team.



Hey guys! I know this is really important and popular request. We're looking into it now. Please lend your vote for it here:

The problem with the Group Calendar is it cannot be cleanly added via Tabs. It defaults back to the user's Outlook inbox on the first load as a Website Tab, then the user has to click over to the calendar (which can load other calendars). It's not a clean connection between the two. Group Calendars also have the ability to categorize entries and opt out of notifying the entire team when appointments are scheduled (as opposed to a meeting which requires attendance notifications). These are areas the existing Meetings functions could be improved.