Support for better audio quality on Teams Meetings

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I did some investigation on Live Event because our users complained about bad audio quality on Live Event. After some time it was realized that issue was with music, as they run an event over the Live Event.


It looks that current codec is cutting the frequencies extremely heavily, most likely for supporting speak sound in better way.


But is there any hope that we could play music with much better quality than today? Perhaps selecting different codec?
Reference: Playing Music on Teams meeting or live event 

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HI @Petri X, thanks for asking! So, there's two different scenarios that you might be interested in.  For music that's pre-recorded, using the option to share your system audio will send out the stream as-is and would be the better option vs. for example playing music through your system/external mic.  For live performances, using Auditorium Mode will send out a stream better for that use case. 


Ooh ! Never noticed such an option! This was for Live Event as well?

Sounds positive idea, big thanks!

Thanks @Petri X!  And, yes the sharing system audio option applies to both Meetings and Live Events, while Auditorium Mode is specific to Live Events. 


Need to take look, as this is greyed on my client at the moment. Perhaps I have blocked that from myself somehow... :facepalm:

Ok, founded!

It should be done during pre-joining phase.


But I was a bit worries, that some comments says, this is disabled if there are more presenters :suprised:

I wish that is not true.