Sub-Teams - Channel Assignments & Meeting Notifications

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How do you assign members of a team to a specific channel (sub-teams)? 


Is there a way to invite only members of each specific channel (using the channel's email address) to a Scheduled Meeting, without inviting the entire team?

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For your first question, which sounds like a private channel, we don't currently have that.
For your second question, you can do this -- here's how...
Just create a meeting using the little video button in your text field when you are INSIDE the channel and it will auto-post the meeting to the channel.

Are there any plans for adding sub-teams/private channels within a Team in the works?

And that will keep a notification from going to the entire team?

You can create a meeting in two places - in a channel, or private. For meetings in a channel, when you schedule it, you can select specific people to invite (out of the team roster) and they will get a notification - but the entire team can join, of course. And when the meeting starts, a post appears in the channel.

For private meetings, you invite specific people, and only they receive the invitation and notification.
Instead of a private channel - a channel with a subset of the overall team membership (which is not supported), you may want to create a separate team.
This is one of my issues as well. In Teams (and Groups) you have Owners and Members and that's it. No unique permissions like in SharePoint. And please correct me if I'm wrong, if you set the group as public, EVERYONE in your organization can view the group.

That could be done... but right now when dates or planners need to be updated, it's just another place that has to be manually adjusted, monitored, and managed.


How are your enterprise-level clients using these features for project management? Are there any best practices?

Agreed! Not being able to set security-permissions at the channel level can sometimes cause information-overload... and result in valuable information being missed or ignored!!

Some thoughts


Is there a reason the channel structure doesn't just create a subsite of the groups site, that way you could then have unique elements for that subsite/channel such as a planner board for that channel, a seperate document library, and the team could then be refined by the channel.  You could then use the inheritance functionality within sharepoint for when the subsite is created via the channel and then be able to refine the team for the specific channel.



Using channel as sub-team is exactly thing I need. If I could assign person to some channel (means making the channel favorite for him/her and un-favorite for others) it would help me greatly to be sure, that some message posted to general channel of some team (visible to all) will make notification for its subteam. F.e. devops would be notified by message about deployment and all other people can see the message too, but they are not notified.