Strategies for organizing/creating teams? also Retention policies.

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Hi there,


I am currently working with a government organization (relatively small municipality, total ~500 employees), and we are trying to determine how to organize our teams.  What are the best practices for this, is it done based on department, based on project, one for the whole organization, etc?


Additionally, how do you expect the records retention to work with the new feature that is coming in Q1 2018?  i.e. are we going to be able to say, remove all conversations older than 3 months (this may already exist, but we are not currently using it enough for me to know)?





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HI there... regarding organizing your teams... It's our best practice to organize based on people's work not necessarily their department.  We want to ensure cross organizational collaboration and the best experience for users.  So, organizing around projects, services or initiatives that people are working on is best.



Yes, you will be able to do that and set separate retention policies for Teams Chats and Teams Channels. I would encourage you to watch my ignite session here:


What exists today is not fully baked and is not the official Retention feature for Microsoft Teams. Today, all Teams chats and messages are persisted forever. 

Is MS Teams retention policy close to GA? Thx.