Statistics on AA and CQ


hope there will be something about statistics on AA and CQ. Who has answered, how long did it stay in Queue and futher more.

That would be great.

Also if there is a way to bring your own numbers to AA and CQ instead of Servicenumbers.

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Hey Kai,


We are looking into providing some basic level of reporting into Call Queue stats - this is something the team is looking at as part of improving Call Queue functionality.


Re. bringing your own numbers to call queue, I think the team is exploring how this could work with Direct Routing at the moment. It's great feedback.

We'd love to see this. As is, we're about to transition our Client Services and Sales departments to a different product because we're missing most standard call-center functionality in Teams/S4B.

@B_Wiz -- could we work with you to understand scenarios / requirements around this which will help us design this better?

We are also trying to implement the same thing within our agency. We have over 15 different CQ and we are currently getting reporting from our On Prem SFB servers. We have just started migrating queues that don't need reporting and have held off on the ones that need it. We would be more than happy to work with the team as well.

That would be great! 

Skype for Business already has this functionality.  Why don't you find out from them?