Some Answers in the last 10 minutes maybe?


@Laurie Pottmeyeryou've got 9 minutes left and it looks like nobody is there from Microsoft outside of the Call team.  It's usual in yamjams and reddit amas to get some actual answers.  Not here?

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Agree here. This was my first Microsoft AMA, and I didn't see any value in it. I was expecting that there would be some experts participating who would answer questions. I'm not sure what the point of this exercise was. 


Did I miss the answer section of the the "ask Microsoft anything"?

I mentioned to Laurie before the AMA that the scope of Teams is now too wide for a generic AMA.
best response confirmed by Mary Beth Kirk (Microsoft)

Hi folks... thanx for this feedback however there were many of us here participating. We did have an issue with the platform which caused a slowdown for the first half so we are digging out now to ensure the questions get answered.  But I can tell you that IT Pro, calling, lifecycle, live meeting and others were in the room along with main folks like myself, Anne Michaels and Laurie.  We will get to your questions!

The volume of questions coming in was far greater than past AMA's. It's great that there is that much interaction, but not so great when you only have so many people and not expecting so much volume!


I tried to step in where I could help :). 

Thanks for posting this! I was expecting to see "That's a Wrap" so I wasn't quite clear if anyone from Teams side was still online. I noticed a few of my questions were left unanswered and figured it was volume that kept them from answering. @Karuana Gatimu thanks for answering one of my questions! Hopefully, the team will be able to catch up and get to a few other pressing ones. I tried to limit to the top 10 :-). 

Agree! It’s hard to get an overview during the meeting! An upside is that it’s easy to go back afterwards and read and answer questions! I bet Microsoft has a hard time catching up as well, and hope they will answer questions afterwards as well