SMS, Faxing, CNAM on Service Lines, and IP Phones




First, I want to say congrats to the teams on how far Teams Calling has come over the past year!! It's come a long way!! I just had a few questions.


1. We see SMS in the reporting modules, is this something that will be coming soon?

2. Faxing was previously part of Unified Messaging in Exchange Online, is there plans to add receiving faxes to the calling plans as well?

3. CNAM on Service Lines, this is our #1 complaint when using MS Calling Plans. Is this something that is hopefully coming sooner than later? Seems to work via other Direct Routing Providers.

4. Regarding IP Phones, a few feedbacks is the complaint about the small navigation on-screen to transfer calls, since it one of the most used feature and there is currently no way to alphabetize the contacts on the sidecar for the Audiocodes or Yealink phones so there is a request for that ability.


Thanks again!! I look forward to seeing whats next!!



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Regarding Fax - there are no plans to include Fax support as part of Calling Plans.

Can you provide some clarification on the CNAM question in regards to what you mean by Service Lines? A number assigned to CQ or AA?
No problem on the Fax, I figured that would be the case.

Correct, CQ and AA. Caller ID Name does not pass when calls come to CQ or AA, only the number.

@Roy Kuntz, really like to see faxing even if they are service lines that go to a few people as we now have Microsoft Teams calling for the phones and RingCentral for faxing and I'd like to make it easier to have all in one system.