Smoother Transition from Groups to Teams and Between Team Types

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I moved from a Office 365 group with a OneNote Notebook full of structured content, and turned it into a team. Because we are a group of colleagues, I selected the "staff" Team. This was wrong, and has created a lot of unattractive and unwanted structuring to my Notebook, that I can't delete. I also can't remove the team aspect of my group, of switch it to an "Anyone" team. At the moment, it's looking like my only solution is to back everything up in my Notebook and my OneDrive, delete the whole team and group, and recreate it entirely from scratch losing all of my links and conversations from using groups as a mailing list, and my chats in teams. Is there going to be an easier way to switch between these? As it stands switching to teams has ruined my group. 


There also doesn't appear to be any way of creating tabs that already exist in teams - you can create a new tab, but that will create a NEW tab in your staff notebook, in the format "Channel - tab name". I already have all my tabs, I just want to have them visible directly in teams. Ideally I would want my Team Notebook to have one section group for every channel with the same name, and then every section or section group within that channel to automatically appear in the Teams view of that channel as a Tab, or at least to have the option to link to the pre-existing tab even if I have to set that up manually. 


The notebook also takes a long time to load because it's using OneNote Online, are there plans to stop this being an issue, such as a Teams cache, or direct links with the UWP version of OneNote? At the moment you have to wait for it to load to even click the "Open in OneNote" Option which makes the "everything in one place" idea behind teams a pain when it takes far longer than just navigating between all of the different places, as I did when it was a group and I had a synchronised Site OneDrive, and synchronised Notebook in my desktop clients.


The OneDrive aspect also appears to be like a webview, meaning that it does not have the right click options, and doesn't appear to offer an "Open in OneDrive" option like OneNote does. My team often shares powershell scripts, so it means that I will have chat open in Teams, and then OneDrive open so that I can right click run the .ps1 scripts. Are there plans to expand Teams to actual desktop functionality?

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Hi Harriet, thanks for your detailed question here. This is great feedback. 


Since you've selected a "Staff" team I'll make an assumption that you are in an Education tenant.  There is no way to switch your team type after it is created. It seems like you might want to select the "Anyone" team type.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.12.17 AM.png


To recreate your team you might want to create a new team from an existing team. This will bring over all your channels, apps, tabs, settings, and members if you'd like. Here's a support article:


I've passed along all the other feedback about OneNote to the product team. Thanks again.

Thank you for your reply - unfortunately using a team as a template only appears to work for a team of the same type that you are setting up, so I couldn't create an "Anyone" team that would pull over the information from the "Staff" team and have had to start fresh.