Shifts (aka Staffhub) in Teams

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I've heard rumors that the target for GA was pushed to Jan '19 and that you can preview Shifts in developer mode of the latest Teams client. Any word on Shifts status?

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Shifts is coming soon. There is not a preview yet in developer mode. Thanks for your interest and we'll share news about Shifts soon!

Hi Victoria, There are reports on the Tech Community that Shifts does appear in the Developer preview And Shifts should be appearing GA in soon per this article The general consensus is to wait to GA as the developer preview is really for things like app testing and enabling it can cause issues with other users. It won't be long before its out. Word is January or February 2019 but that has a lot of caveats on it. Hope that helps, Best, Chris

I think Victoria is asking when "soon" is. lol.
Lol, yup! I've clearly sleuthed out the developer info lol. I just really need a clear date of when is GA.