Sharepoint Settings in Teams

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We've noticed that the Sharepoijnt side of teams doesn't feature in the Sharepoint Admin Centre. This makes it difficult to ensure that security settings are the same (e.g. if as an org, we allow External Sharing, you have to go to Powershell to allow this - and there is no centralised administration


As we don't have the concepts of a private channel yet, this makes it difficult to share out just Sharepoint content on it's own. 


Similarly, we don't want our team to be bloated with people who might just review a document and we don't want thtme to see the conversations.


Has there been any thought on how to treat occasional team members or restrict their permissions to just Sharepoint, or include it in the Sharepoint Admin Centre?

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Great feedback. We'll follow up with the SharePoint team on how things are surfaced; sites in Teams are just group sites (from O365 Groups). Per-file sharing actions do not add people to the team, just to that file. But if you add someone to the team (regular user or guest), then they will get access to everything in the team - chats, files, etc.