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There is currently support to view document libraries in a tab, but not a native SharePoint list. Has there been any thoughts on this?

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Hi Sherman, we are considering this. Can you help me understand how you see you or your team using this?

Most recent use case is supporting the recruiting process. My preliminary thinking:


  • One Group for "Recruiting" - anyone involved in the recruiting process would be in this Group.
  • Channels for each position or candidate (need to experiment).
  • Documents (resumes, cover letters, references, job descriptions) can go into the channel's doc lib folder (trying to be ok with this).
  • But... need a way to track status of each candidate:
    • Have they been screened, when, by whom?
    • What role, who's the hiring manager? 
    • etc.

So the last bullet point, makes sense that that's a native SP list. It'd be great to see that list directly in a tab for a specific channel. Better yet, we can configure the views per channel. 

Hi Sherman, you can do this by using the Website connector for now as a work around, but I could see a benefit of having a more streamlined list form item. Ideally the Powerapps connector coming long as it can latch into SharePoint list customized Powerapp forms that would be cool too :P.
+ 1 for this request but I think this is going to be solved with the SPO integration improvements coming to Teams, correct?

@Sharvari Nerurkar If this is your feature, we should chat :) Lots of teams use SharePoint lists to centrally manage data, and they are increasingly using them with Microsoft Flow to automate process. Surfacing that in Teams lets them collaborate on it together without leaving the Teams experience while having a conversation or converting to an ad-hoc meeting to discuss. This would be a great integration point for SharePoint and Teams!

Tried that; it's not the best experience. Just went to my test site now and the list won't load (in the browser).

PowerApps would be supplementary to this scenario, I think. However, given my stakeholders, I'd rather show them one single apps (in this case, Teams); exec types usually don't like switching apps.
David - I'll make sure the right folks sync with you on this.

Please keep in mind the folks that haven't yet transitioned to Exchange Online, and so therefore are left out of the party with Outlook meetings, calendars, tasks, etc.  So the only good way to bring these features to Teams for us is to integrate the SharePoint lists (tasks, calendars, other custom list, etc.) via the Website tab functionality.

I would love to get the ability to add lists as teams tabs. We share many forms af data in lists, and in particular we would benefit from this in our service desk, if we could have the list of open tasks and tickets listed in the Teams app. 

Just also stumbled upon this problem. The Tab "Website" cannot be used for viewing SharePoint sites or lists because this only works in the app. As soon as you open the tab in Teams in the browser you get an error message saying the content can't be displayed in a frame.

Because all the Microsoft people are recommending using the tabs in Teams to surface SharePoint Sites in the team area this is clearly a bug and should be fixed asap. It should be possible for Microsoft to display Microsoft O365 Websites in Microsoft Teams. These two are most likely developed by different developers but talking to each other would help a lot to get around such issues :)


I'm not sure I understand the question. To me, the use case is very obvious. The team is to use a SharePoint List within the Teams client and not have to go to SharePoint. I've used the workaround by using the URL but the tight, clean native look for Libraries would be appreciated for Lists as well. If you are going to do this for Document Libraries, why not for Lists?  One very common scenario is for Teams using a List for Time tracking. Other options like Planner are not as simple and functional as a List.


As a side note, the fact that Planner does not have integration with a SharePoint List makes it useless since its completely disconnected from other data. It's a complete data Island that would require tracking the information in multiple places.


We use Project Online which creates a project site (SharePoint classic team site) and it has custom lists for Issues, Risks, Deliverables, Documents, etc. I could tell people to create a Microsoft Team for each project with its members, however one big advantage of using the connected project site is that it syncs up the Issues, Risks, and Deliverables to the centralized Project Online reporting schema so you can do reporting across all projects. My thinking would be to keep the site provisioned but not use it and instead direct the users to use Teams for each project and add a tab for Issues, Risks, and Deliverables that point to these existing site lists so they can leverage centralized reporting. I see you can add a custom SharePoint page viewer page but this pretty clunky and would prefer to have native list support for tabs within Teams.

I would love to see this in Teams - as previously said using the tab to link a list via website has poor UX.

this needs to be added to the user voice, if it is not already

For everyone who has not yet seen it

There is a uservoice item regarding this issue:

Please go there and vote :)

Thanks for sharing.

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