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Know that I heard Dan Talking about Shared Channels being look at, can we expect that around the time of Private channels or you guys thinking way out probably twards end of next year etc. for this functionality? Would be great for cross Team collab without having to Create a Team for those 2 groups. 

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Private channels and shared channels are related architecturally and we are working on both at the same time, but I expect private channels to come out before shared channels. End of next year is way later than we are thinking for either.

Sweet! :).

The ability to connect different groups to the same channel is important in a school setting. I teach multiple sections of the same course so being able to connect several groups to a single channel would be a big help.
Hate to have to rez this, but this is one of the most recent I can find from search:

Where are we at with the Shared Channels/Private Channels features?

It was mentioned that end of 2018 was way later than you were aiming to deliver. It is now mid 2019 and the capability is still not available. Any concrete updates that can be provided?

We use channels for each individual project we take on, and sometimes multiple teams need to collaborate on the project. Would like to have my team remain the source of truth channel and share it with relevant teams.


@Dan Stevenson So, two years later, what's the status of this feature request? Or did shared channels drop off the list at some point?

Don't see the feature in the roadmap yet which is concerning me.

Halfway through 2020 and no private channels or shared channels. I think that Teams has plenty of potential, but without some of these critical features we will be forced into working around issues. What is a good workaround for my team sharing content with outside collaborators? Is there a good way to limit write access to only internal teammates?

@adammarkham Hi, I assign read access ("Can view") to files from SharePoint.