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I have heard that there is an easier way to set up meetings inside of Teams, and we do not have it in our tenant. I've asked our product support specialists, and they had no answers for me. Why is it possible for some people to be able to set up meetings inside of the Team at the very top by clicking on "Meet Now" or "Schedule a Meeting" but I can only do it at the very bottom of my posts, and click on the camera? 

I'm attaching two pics, one from my Team in my tenant and one from another person's Team from a different tenant

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This is due to either you still have the old placement of the "meet now" button which is in the conversationbar area at the bottom ( A camera Icon) Or this is due to a meeting policy that restricts the "Meet now" feature. In this case talk to your admins



Thank you. @adam deltinger 

We can and do hold meetings inside of Teams all the time, so we are not restricted as far as getting to schedule meetings. If we have the "old version," and our assigned product specialists weren't able to suggest how we fix this, how do we get the "new" version? 


  1. @TraceyRowley2 

Meet now is a separate setting in the policy.

Not sure what you mean, but I'll tell our Microsoft product specialists and our admin. When I asked them no one had a clue, but maybe your idea will help them. @adam deltinger Thank you