Seems to be malfunction

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because I cannot see my posts or answer to them.

So most likely this is my first and last if this is really not working.

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If you're referring to the AMA format, it is confusing how it works. I was expecting everything to be in one window with a live chat. It seems everyone just creates new posts and if someone happens to answer you, you are in luck. I was expecting this to work like a meeting in Teams or Skype for Business.

Now when I realized how this works it looks almost readable and acceptable format.

Tags are important, so if you want to find something you're interested in, tags will do the job.


But again, huge amount of information makes it hard to find exactly what you are looking for.

I will continue to follow up this anyway.

HI and thanx for this feedback on our #AMAFormat  We did have a bit of a platform issue at the beginning which was causing a slow refresh. This was our busiest AMA since launch so Laurie is now working on a way to segment the AMA's by industry or topic.  The team will continue to work on making sure everyone's questions get answered. Thanx for coming and we do hope you join us again.