Search in wiki and teams

Hi! What’s the roadmap on getting search function in Wiki?
Also is there any plans improving the search in Teams overall??

Regards / Adam
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Hey @adam deltinger I don't have a hard timeline for you but I can say that we're actively working on it. Keep an eye on this UserVoice ticket to stay up to date.

Thank you!

Meanwhile, many of us have stopped migrating to Team Wiki's. Our hard timeline to resume is immediately after Search becomes available. This is sad because TEAMS is such a fantastic environment. Just sharing the sentiment. 

@adam deltingerIt's shocking that this isn't there. We're currently moving over to Teams with Planner and Wiki for a group of support people. 

How am I to recommend this if there isn't a search function? The other aspect is that there isn't any tagging (which also complements a proper search function).

I think most people agree that this is a missing part of wiki that needs to be addressed! It is coming but no ETA

Use Onenote for now instead
That's what I'm looking at right now - unfortunately the onenote online format nested in Teams does not let you stamp content like the thick client does ( User @ Date-Time )

Ugh. Some of my users are reticent to change, and inconsistencies like this make my life a death of a thousand paper cuts.

@adam deltinger do you have any kind of update on when we will be able to search in Wikis in Teams? Our company is using Teams now and it's frustrating to not be able to collaborate effectively with Wikis. Not everyone will use OneNote. Please update on the roadmap timing. Thanks, Stephanie 

I’ll raise this at the next AMA! Heard nothing about this unfortunately

@adam deltinger 


Please do!

@adam deltinger  can you give a update?

No, nothing new here! IM also not at any way related to Microsoft and don’t know more than they tell us

@adam deltinger I totally thought you were part of Microsoft! Do you have any idea who we can tag who is part of Microsoft so we can find out how to get the "search" functionality prioritized for development/enhancement? I'm surprised to find that the search results don't include the wiki content or content from OneNote. Thanks for any suggestions. 

Hi! Attend next AMA ( don’t know when next one is) and also go to and vote for this request!

@adam deltinger thanks for your suggestions! 

please :(

@adam deltinger  my workaround ( once you find the wiki page that you want to search :( ) is to open the wiki page in the browser and use the browser's search feature.
 ( e.g.  click the ... in the upper right, then select copy link, and paste that link into the browser and use search there ( control-f )

For almost three years Microsoft is ignoring the users voice.


If you urgently need a wiki with full text search and a bunch of other cool features (for example, export to PDF) I can suggest to try Perfect Wiki. It's the only one wiki fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, which will be soon officially available in the Teams Marketplace.


Today, you can request early access and become a hero in your company by building really useful knowledge base w/o leaving Microsoft Teams.