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Now that the road map has been updated, when should tenants expect to see all the feature available, we are still not seeing features in our tenant that were released a couple months ago for example the  Contact Groups feature.


More specifically when will Unified Presence be available to all tennats?

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Unified Presence has been rolled out to all tenants. Except for Government & Go Local (UK & India) tenants. If you are not seeing it, please log a support call for an engineer to investigate.

Adding on to Bradley's how do we know when a feature will hit our tenant.   You announce a release, but then 2 months later a feature isn't there.   What should be the expectation?   Rollout will always occur to all tenants within X months of release announcement?   What would X be?

Yeah there are a number of things I'm waiting on.  Still haven't seen contact groups either.

Did you also try to manually update de client?