Retention of Meetings in New Recording Experience


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Will retention of meeting recording in the new recording experience in SPO/OneDrive need an E3 or E5 licence? Retention of data in SPO/OD is currently E3 but Ignite stated E5 for auto retention. Lots of confusion here. I think it's E3 for general retention and E5 for Auto retention labels but wanted to check


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@Christopher Hoard If you want to target specific files in SPO/ODB, like you'll be able to do with Teams Meeting Recordings, you'll need E5 or the Advanced Compliance SKU. We are working on a simple expiration feature for all customers - you'll be able to set a simple rule to expire all meeting recordings after a certain time (30, 90, 365 days). We estimate that feature will ship in the first half of 2021.


We talk about this in our Ignite session if you'd like more info:


@joemccla, any update on when the 'simple rule' option will be available? Thanks!

@Joy Muehlenbein hi there - this looks like it will ship in the fall now, roadmap was updated and is scheduled for September: