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Like in channel chat we do have option to reply on particular chat. Can we get this option in one on one or group chat so that we can select particular chat  to reply

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Hi @Ashka123 - I have a little trick! on the desktop app, as this is available in mobile. Copy (Ctrl+C) the message you would like to reply to. Go to type a new message - select "Shift + >" in the message box. A shaded cell will show up, where you can paste the message you are replying to. After you paste the message, hit Enter twice to move your cursor below the shaded cell to allow you to type your reply. Certainly a little tedious, a couple of extra steps - but really does work!

@atShafina Honestly this is just sad that being such a great product they can't even add a "Reply" button for each individual message. 

Hello @sumairhamza  Since this post was originated, Teams now has the ability to reply to an individual chat message.  If you click on the three dots in the comment you want to reply to, you should see "reply" as an option.  It copies the original message and then posts the reply under it.  Happens in meeting chats too.


Do you not have this feature?

@ThereseSolimeno No, at least not in the Mac version of teams. 

I only see this option the app. 

@sumairhamza  I found out that it's available in mobile today and it is in progress for the desktop apps.



@ThereseSolimeno - seems still to be implemented somewhere .... quite sad :(



Worse yet is now they have added the Reply button, which is nice and all, but then they removed the Shift + > functionality that was there.   Sometimes you want to quote someone from a different chat or otherwise use the Shift + > functionality, but now you cannot.  Boo MS. :(

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