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In other Collaboration tools its possible to see who has actually read a conversation you have started. I know this sounds like "big brother" but we use a few channels for announcements and knowing who actually read it would prove to be a major win!!!

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Thank you for your feedback. This is currently on our backlog to review. 

In MS Teams global policy settings (Messaging Policies) you can set read receipts to "enabled for everyone" but I can't figure out what that actually enables.  Read receipts are very very useful - especially because it's a functionality that competitive products like Slack and WxTeams already offer.  At the moment, lack of this function is preventing me from completely switching to MS Teams because I need to know that my team members have seen certain posts and are aware of critical situations. 

ya i enabled it too.. no change.. but have been waiting for this for a while. reeeeally important. 

if anyone knows what it does and when this will be available would be much appreciated. also what setup is necessary.

It looks like the setting in the Admin Center has been released in advance of MS adding this feature.  For info., it's now off the backlog and they're working on it:



Is read receipts going to get implemented? The only thing that is keeping us from moving to Teams id read receipts 

I've been seeing it in the admin center settings and in graph so I'm sure it's just a matter of time we will see some kind of read receipt function.

a month later and no update? This is frustrating. . . 

Two months later, any news?
Yea, the actually added it to the android app, and brought back the Dark Theme. Why they didn't bother to update the desktop app to include read receipts is beyond me.



@Deleted wrote:

a month later and no update? This is frustrating. . . 


One more month, any latest update



read receipts are available in the mobile version right now. Who knows why they are dragging their feet on the desktop app. 

I cant see Read Receipts in the Teams iPhone app. Have you got a screenshot showing what it looks like? We've just rolled out Teams and its a common query from Staff...... seeing their Chats/Conversations being read. cheers
Still not released. But it’s coming soon.

The symbol is there, but it doesn't work.  Hopefully soon.

They just posted a message center message about read receipts rolling out starting June, so any week now.

Still no sign of this in my tenant, and it's now the end of August. Also no screenshots or videos I can find anywhere to even know what to expect this to look like. If ANYONE has this in desktop or mobile (or anywhere!), can you please at least show us a screenshot or a demo? People keep talking about this and the enable option has been around in admin forever now, yet it seems as elusive as Big Foot to me... :(

Any update on this?