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@JohnSteckroth Hi John, 

My name is Kari Riley and I work with Karen Smith on the Microsoft DigiGirlz program. We have underaged girls participating in our virtual events and have a few questions.

1. Does the free Teams app have Meet functionality and saved chats?
2. Is it possible to create a Teams meeting link for a teacher’s classroom and import them into a Teams Live event where all of the students can also participate in the chat river?

3. Community Teams Tennant – Is this something we could use for DigiGirlz (external program)? When will it be available for the free app to utilize?

4. How much does your team plan on expanding the Teams Registration function? We are trying to determine if it is something we can utilize for future event registration.

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Hi Kari! Good to see you! Yes, the Teams for Personal Life does allow meeting and chats. A Teams Meeting doesn't import or convert to a Live Event. They're separate event capabilities.

A Live Event is a broadcast, and uses a moderated Q&A - so the event presenter/moderator can see questions and share answers, but it's not an interactive chat that all the participants could engage in

A Teams Meeting is more interactive, and we're rolling out controls that allow the moderator to turn on/turn off chat during the meeting. Meetings are increasing in size to 1000 participants, and we have something coming out called "View Only" which let's the 1001th person up to 20K people see the meeting (though they can't participate in chat)

Teams Registration - You're referring to the webinar registration in teams. In our initial release, it will allow you to create a custom registration form for each meeting, collect registration and responses from the form, and collect an attendee report.

Here's a good summary of the differences between Meetings/Webinars (which are meetings with Registration) and Live Events:

Here's an 8 minute demo of the registration feature:
Microsoft Mechanics: Host Webinars in Teams -