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Hello. Not really clear how this is working. We have been posting for quite some time now about getting SMS texting for our Teams phone systems without seeing any response from Microsoft. How can we understand or convince Microsoft on the importance of this feature as well as getting other very common phone features on your phone system.
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I agree with @Carl_Aegis, Also a bit confused how this AMA hr is working. Is this an open chat hr?

Hi @Christian Zenzano and @Carl_Aegis - the AMA hour is open for questions from everyone and we're focusing on Breakout Rooms specifically as we have those feature PMs and Engineers in the space, ready to answer questions. For questions outside of that topic, we will try to find someone else in the community to help answer.

@Carl_Aegis re your question about SMS texting, I'm going to try to dig into it and see if I can get some insight. For context, I found this UserVoice item that I believe is what you're asking for - can you confirm? Add SMS capabilities – Microsoft Teams UserVoice

@Jessie_Hwang - that is a similar thread to the one that I had been participating in. Here is a link to the other thread - We would appreciate a response from Microsoft in some form on this. I will tell you that while we like the Teams phone system over our previous RingCentral system, there are several features that are missing and somewhat astonishingly so that we have been having a difficult time communicating to Microsoft. We enter these forums and see threads that have been open for years without any Microsoft responses or input. We also try to engage Microsoft through our Office 365 provider again without much success. There really needs to be a method that allows Microsoft to hear from your customers without pissing them off because we are shouting down a well. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
@Jessie_Hwang - awaiting a response here. There is a significant need for Microsoft to respond to the multitude of requests for SMS texting and be more proactive to improving some of the more basic needs of the phone system in Teams.
@Jessie_Hwang - here is another SMS thread that was just started. I did not realize the number of views and comments that had been associated with this request. There needs to come a time that Microsoft responds to your users.