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Hey @Mark Kashman - By default we have the "Files" tab in a Team channel. However, we often connect our Team to existing, structured document libraries in SharePoint Online. It's confusing to have the default "Files" tab alongside the proper SPO locations in the channel, however it can't be removed or hidden. This has caused much confusion. Do you know if there are plans to allow us to customize/hide/remove the default tabs so that users more easily understand where to store documents?

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This would be very useful.
Agreed we have the same challenge.

Great feedback, @Oliver Bartholdson. It's a common ask about existing assets like classic sites and their associated libraries. We are certainly considering how we can best enable default experiences and the ability to configure in existing assets (sites, libraries, lists, portals). #MSTeams already supports the ability to tab'in Websites, so you can grab the URL of what you want to bring in and this is a today form of integration. And our ears are open for feedback like this to make the MSTeams UI the most productive users/teams/orgs can make it.

One suggestion would be to provide the options to rename or remove the 2 default Tabs (Files and OneNote) that get created when the Team is provisioned. It would provide us with the flexibility of using the built-in tabs for fresh new workspaces, or replace those with existing SPO doc libraries when collateral already exists elsewhere. snip_20170322134719.png

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