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James Hainaut
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Here at Pierce County, we are looking at reducing email, but also communicating across a variety of devices with team members both inside and outside the organization. The goal would be to receive information from an email or other form and have that start a team conversation that doesn't necessarily include the submitter of the original correspondence.

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Hi James, Microsoft Teams currently does not support External Users (folks not in your org/public), but its definitely high on the list.

Hi James, if you are enquiring about email integration, we are looking at ways to do this.  Stay tuned.

Hi James,


You could look at using "Connectors" to bring things from somewhere else into your Teams conversations.


Thank you, that is what I was concluding as well.
what sort of things can the "Connectors" bring in?... we have not enabled Teams yet, so I cannot get a real preview at the moment

Connectors are ways to bring things from other products like Twitter for example into your Teams Chat or Outlook Conversations. You can also create your own.


Now since you get an O365 Group with a team you do get an email address and I am sure some form of integration will come more Out of the Box in the future (I assume) for now however, you could create something a little more custom

*Note: This is not the complete list of connectors, it scrolls down...quite a bit :D

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 10.33.14 AM.png

Awesome, this gets the gears going! I'll have a conversation with my team to see what our options are...

Glad to hear! :D

Here is some more information on different ways to get started or learn more:


And here is what a Connector would look like within your Teams conversations, here you have an example for Bing News and GitHub - possibilities are endless :D


also, I forgot to ask... is Teams fully available for government tenements?
Connectors require an Exchange mailbox in O365, for those of us with on-prem Exchange that's a limitation and a real handicap for the Teams product
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