Question about interop multi-party audio/video

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Will you also introduce multi-party audio/video interop between Teams and Skype?

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Hi Joost, multiparty is already available from SfB to Teams. We are considering the Teams to SfB escalation as well, can you please comment on the need and importance on your side? Thank you

We are preparing our migration from Skype on-premise to Teams but we are hesitating implementing the Teams-only mode because it is hard to explain to our end users the different experiences between Skype-Skype, Teams-Teams and Skype-Teams calls. For now we keep Skype and Teams completely separate. @Francois Doremieux 

Does this require Skype for Business as part of Office 365 ProPlus? Or will it also work for Skype for Business as part of Office 2016? @Francois Doremieux 

@Joost Koopmans what mode are your users in? What is the adoption of Teams?

@Joost Koopmans Teams initiated: any version of SFB; SFB initiated, requires recent version of SFB, both C2R and MSI, but it may take more time for the fixes to be in MSI and of course in semi annual channel

All users are still in Island Mode, there are only a couple that we applied TeamsOnly to. Skype is a hybrid setup with 80% of users onpremise and 20% online. Adoption of Teams is around 30% active users per month and steadily increasing. Audioconferencing and enterprise voice is not yet enabled on Teams. @Francois Doremieux