Provide a report of Teams usage at the local geographic level

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We are one of many offices in our corporation. We need to view reports that show Teams usage at our office level. Useful metrics would be # of teams created, # of unique people accessing Teams daily, monthly, annually, as well as names of ever and daily users by Team and within the office, a list of the Team names at our office level by Owners and how often accessed. Any chance of this HAPPENING? And, if so, WHEN, please?

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Hey Lois - thanks so much for the question. We're actively working on getting our first reports into the product now, albeit I don't have any announcements to make today about specific availability.

In our customer research and design work that we've done on this topic, showing either dashboards or reports based on location frequently comes up as a very valuable scenario. That being said, the data is unstructured from our perspective as there are a bunch of ways that customers can describe locations in AAD.

So question back to you would be - how is this best implemented for your company? For example, if we used the subnet / location mapping that's a part of the Call Analytics & Call Quality Dashboard and allowed for reports sorted by there? Or would it be better to use a particular field in AAD, and if so which one?

Thanks again!!

A field in AAD that might be called City/ Office. Does that help?

The city/office field in AAD