Problems with waiting area for guests

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We are using the waiting area for guests. Sometimes we have some problems when the guest is leaving the meeting and after that tried to rejoing the meeting. But he is not able to rejoin the meeting :(

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Hi Sabine, it sounds like there is a problem with the lobby, or perhaps there is some other issue going on. Have you confirmed your Lobby settings ( More details on the scenario would help understand what's going on here. Thanks
The setting is that only people in my organisation can join the meeting directly. Guests have to wait in the lobby. When the meeting starts it is no problem and we can let everyone in. But when somebody is leaving the meeting and will rejoin it later the guest receive an info that he must wait. But the organizer is not receiving an info that someone is in the lobby and could not let him in.

Hi @SabineKet If possible, I recommend having the Organizer turn off the setting for lobby and allow everyone to bypass it so they can join/leave/join with ease. In Outlook for a scheduled Teams meeting, open it and you should see a Settings gear icon at the top of the meeting - you can change Meeting Options > Bypass lobby here. Or in the Teams app, at the top of the scheduled Teams meeting, there is a Meeting options link that takes you to this webpage that allows you to alter the lobby and who can bypass it meeting options.jpg