Presence and Integration in Outlook for Teams

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With the move to Teams, Outlook still only supports Skype for Business client integration with Outlook for presence and IM, meaning the Presence Icon doesn't show up on photos of your e-mail and the IM icon doesn't work. This is probably for the Outlook Team but figured I would ask here if you guys know if this is on the todo list or is this something we need to go add to uservoice? 


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Thanks for the feedback @Deleted. This is currently under review for our team. 

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any update already?


We want to move Team by Team to MS Teams but we are still missing the presence option in Outlook when we only use Teams.


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I'm also looking for this feature. It seems more and more like this 'feature parity' with Skype for Business is coming with caveat after caveat. Without online presence and call-in meetings specifically it is impossible for our business to fully transition over. These are essential features in communication that are being overlooked.

I agree, Moved to Teams only and miss this presence integration. It's kind of a switchboard without calendar integration, so 1980 :)

Agree, really need this feature as SFB is deprecated.

Hey guys, if you didn't know, the newer builds of Office Version 1810+ should now have Teams presence working! It is for me anyway, just thought I'd pass on the memo for those that didn't see this in the other posts about it!


Currently running the following version of Office.

 - Version 1810 (Build 11001.20108)


The presence icon within Outlook isn't working for external contacts.

For internal contacts, it's working fine.


To my knowledge it has never worked.

As far as I can tell a lot to do with federation which was in OCS / Lync / Skype for Business has been broken by the teams update

  • Addresses don't resolve to names - and related contact info like job title. 
  • External users' presence doesn't  appear in outlook. 
  • You can't add an external user as a contact in teams
  • You can't make a voice call to an external teams user  (teams says an extra licence is needed)
  • Public IM connectivity to Skype is broken. 

In teams simply turn on Register teams as chat app, click account picture, Cog for settings, general.


You are right. The new option is available in the new versions.

Any update on this? I see on this post we talked about putting it on for one user.  We currently have skype on premise and want are going to have to move to Skype online instead of teams because we have to save presence.



I would really of hoped that this would of been addressed by now, I hope it is.

As you can see in the post before by @Chris Webb , the setting can be simple activated on a User-Basis if the user decides to use Teams as his default chat client.

Thanks for the follow up.


Unfortunately, an on user basis can't be done at my firm, we have 40k users in 120 offices around the world.

@Adam ShepherdI don't see where this option exists on the macOS version of Office.  Is there support for using Teams as the chat application coming for Outlook for macOS?

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I found the following reg key that manages which IM instance should be used as default IM.
You can find it under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IM Providers
There if the key Teams is present you can modify \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IM Providers\DefaultIMApp REG string to Teams. Once done, only Teams will display the presence icons in Outlook.
Modifying registry can be done via GPO so if you know that the 40k users are using Teams, you can deploy it globally. If not, you will need to define exeption.


Small edit with pros and cons:

Once changed, only people connected to Teams will have the presence icon from people using Teams. People that are using SfB will appear as Presence Unknown and vice versa

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@Adam Shepherd this really worked for me, but for any reason, now, the small squares don't show any color (like green for available, red for busy, yellow for away and so on) and I cannot reply with IM anymore. Anybody know what could have happen?

@paulodeb, I'm seeing similar.  No presence and IM icon is greyed out.  I already have have the setting "register teams as the chat app for office" set.  Behavior is not consistent.  I checked 3 machines, all at Office version 1908, and 2 don't work, and 1 does.  @Chris Webb , does this still work for you?  I thought it was just that my account is set to Teams only (not islands mode), but that is not the cause.  

So which people are set to Teams Only? And how long ago did you change it? It takes some time to propagate. Also read (maybe in this thread, or another similar) that also make sure that the same architecture Teams client is installed vs. office. So 32bit office and 32bit Teams client, or 64bit matching.