Powershell: Messaging, Meeting and Live Event Policy Commands


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I raised this uservoice today so thought I would take the opportunity. Is there fortcoming powershell commands to get, set and grant commands for Messaging, Meeting and Live Event Policies so administrators can change the policies on users. This would also include Powershell commands to set custom policies as the default in their organisation (as opposed to the global org wide default) so when new users are created it sets these policies on the user.


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Thanks for the feedback!  We roll out powershell controls for setting policies as the features roll out, so we have custom policies for messaging and meeting that you can leverage today.  


We have an overview on PowerShell for Microsoft Teams (, and links to the specific docs on individual cmdlets are all linked from there.  So for your specific scenario, you could modify the Global policy in your organization, and then all new users who get provisioned without a custom policy assigned will fall back to this global/default policy. 


Let me know if that helps!

Ah I didn't know that you use the Skype cmdlet module just because there is a Teams module out there! Great to know thanks Isabella.

Best, Chris