Poor Video & Audio during the online meeting sessions

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Hi There,


We are facing Audio Video issue with the MS teams where Video & Audio Lags during the online meeting session along with the poor Video Quality and Cracking Audio.


We have raised so many tickets and share lots of logs from our various combination of hardware & Internet, however it seem to be no solution for our concern,


Ticket ID: 20612871


Requesting you to please take this into you consideration and do the needful.

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Hi @bilalsaifi0105,


99.9% of the time there's AV issues with Teams meetings, it's related to one of the following:


  • VPN in use (no split tunnelling)
  • Centralised internet access via WAN or similar causing media quality issues
  • Perimeter network devices configured incorrectly
    • All required ports not open
    • UDP Media ports not open, falling back to TCP\HTTPS for media
    • Perimeter devices attempting to inspect Teams media traffic (don't)

Have you checked call analytics logs for an affected end user? Are they in an office\on a corporate network\VPN or from home?


Have you undertaken a Teams network readiness assessment?