Polycom Trio 8500

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Is Polycom Trio 8500 series supporting Teams Native client now, which version we can test for same.

Please suggest site to download software version



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Hi Maheshwar,


I would always recommend checking with the manufacturer directly to see the Teams support status and find any software needed for the device itself.

AFAIK the 8500 does not support Teams fully and is not a certified device. It uses some work around to work with Teams calling. See this link. https://www.polycom.com/content/dam/polycom/common/documents/faqs/polycom-phones-and-microsoft-teams... Keep in mind that mode using s4b they talk about currently using won’t work in a full Teams only setup.

From the link, below is the text, which means 8500 is supported, my query is whether we will be able to upgrade existing 8500 series phones to Teams Native or we need to buy new hardware/phones itself




Polycom phones expected to run Microsoft Teams natively will include:
• Polycom Trio 8800 and Trio 8500
At Enterprise Connect in March 2018 and at Microsoft Ignite in September
2018, Polycom and Microsoft showed a technology preview of Microsoft
Teams running natively on Polycom Trio. Microsoft Teams on Polycom
Trio software is currently available to customers in Microsoft’s Technology
Adoption Program (TAP).
• New Polycom phones
New Polycom phones planned for 2019 will natively run Microsoft Teams. We are
designing these new phones for a native Microsoft Teams experience with the
next generation of features on the Microsoft Teams Roadmap in mind. The new
Polycom desktop phones will provide a similar touch-capable user experience
that is consistent with the native Microsoft Teams experience on mobile devices
and conference room devices. And the sound? It’s Polycom’s legendary audio
within arm’s reach, with the full duplex echo cancellation of Polycom HD Voice
and the meticulously crafted quality of Polycom Acoustic Fence.



You will not be able to upgrade to Teams Native yet, I think there were a beta version out that got cancelled (?) /postponed.