Plans for multiple webcam video in live events produced in Teams?


When producing a live event in Teams, you have the option to choose from:

  • single webcam video
  • shared content
  • shared content + single webcam video

Are there any plans to expand the layout options for producers to select

  • multiple webcam video (preferably up to 4, for panel discussion)
  • shared content + multiple webcam video (preferably up to 4, for discussion on content)
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To add, it could be also useful lto have 2 video on the same time with the live event. In current event, we are organizing some live event but our presenter are on two different location..

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Hi @Brett Wilms


Great question! You should be able to use an encoder to manipulate the view that gets broadcasted to your Live Events Attendees. See this post here:

@Brett Wilms agree, if the Teams encoder would just surface up the meeting view to camera's in a template between presenters that could be cool. 


But in the meantime as said you can use an External App to accomplish this. What I would do is just host two meeting. One for your panel using a Teams meeting and the other the live event. Then you can take the Output / Sound from the Team meeting "Join as a Guest to pickup your own audio" and then output this meeting and it's audio from the window to your Live event. 


If you need anonymous join, you can always use the Virtual Cam method and Voicemeeter etc. to pipe the output of OBS to the Teams Live Event. I had a session on Teamsfest covering some of that, but I need to do another session around doing a panel Live event, that could be useful for some I think :p. 

@cbalaki thanks for the info on using an external app.  We use Open Broadcast Studio for our "Premium" events, and are looking to "democratize" live events, instructing people to run them themselves, producing the event in Teams.  I would like to see additional layout features in the Teams client.  Producing events in Open Broadcast Studio (or other software) requires a higher level of expertise, which we are trying to avoid.

@Brett Wilms Take a look at this video from John Moore at Cerner: He works around some of the limitations of a Teams Live Event by using an Magewell HDMI capture card connected to a 2nd computer, and setting that capture card as the Webcam/Microphone in Teams as the Live Event presenter.  Then whatever he's doing coming in over HDMI is sent out over the Teams live event.  Not quite the same as en external encoder, but still lets him produce in Teams.  Disadvantage: need at least one more device to drive content.

@NickStillings for live events produced in Teams, we simply invite presenters as...Presenters.  We've found Yammer Live Events to be the best way to do this.  That puts presenters in a familiar Teams interface, and provides them with the option to include system audio.  Then, only the Producers are joined to the production interface and can focus on choosing which content/video goes live.  

You can essentially do the same thing with OBS Virtual Cam and send the output to the camera etc. without needing to buy another device, but it could make things easier to send audio to / from than dealing with a software audio mixer such as voicemeeter etc.

@Chris Webb great pointer - I had that work with VB-Audio's virtual cable, but it started to crush my CPU a little

@Brett Wilms yeah, that extra card adds another moving part.  Native functionality would be a lot cleaner.

@Brett Wilms  I posted a similar question on this as we have been using Zoom and the webinar feature to allow for this.  The webinar feature allows us to have 9 people on the screen, take questions from people, promote people to be able to video share and voice chat if needed, and pretty much is what we need to see in Teams.  Basically an option to allow for this webinar type of presentation in Teams.


This is the ONLY reason we have a Zoom account is for this purpose.  If Teams could support this it would be great, but needs to be more than 2x2.  I would suggest the 3x3 option that Teams is rolling out or whatever Teams supports it should support.

@cbalaki not for public Live Events though?