Plans for a better installer?

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I can't make the event on the 12th, so I'll post my ask here.   


Are there any plans for a better installer?  Right now the application breaks some of our acceptable software policy by installing into the users profile.  An MSI that can be installed per machine instead of per user would be much more helpful for us to deploy in our terminal server environment!


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There is an MSI that can be installed to the machine here:


Of course this is kind of a half-way to normal application installs as "whenever a user signs into a new Windows User Profile, the installer will be launched and a copy of the Teams application will be installed in that user's appdata folder."


That may cause issues in the terminal server environment you are talking about though.

Hi Joe. This is already possible. We've been using MSI installing since available and it works just fine.
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I think this MSI installer has been around for a while; does this enable what you're looking to do?