Planner vs Trello

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What is the status of improvements and roadmap for Planner? I know technically it's a separate product but is so entrenched/embedded in the way Teams and Groups work that it seems like this is a fair ask in the Teams AMA.


It seems like it's hit the end of the road and there is no further enhancements planned. We had committed a bit of resources to using Planner, but now we see that Microsoft themselves are endorsing Trello.


Can we have an official direction on this topic ASAP please?

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We're in the middle of our Teams roll-out and this is a common question for us too. I'd love to see an answer.
Planner road map is within the Microsoft 365 Road Map guys Hope this helps Best, Chris
Clarification. My point wasn’t about the location of the roadmap. It was the absence of any valuable content or direction therein.

Almost seems like without a roadmap we are left to believe it’s finished and it’s far from finished.

There are actually many new features and improvements coming to Planner.  While we incorporate the Trello app in our app ecosystem that simply allows our customers to have a choice.  You can be sure that I spend most of my time discussing and training people on the use of Planner.  Planner is essential to our upcoming Task management improvements for the 3 main personas of "me", "we" and "Org".  It is also one of our primary #BetterTogether productivity scenarios.  So say YES to Planner!   


Here is the list of new Planner features from our roadmap:


Here is the Planner UserVoice where you can vote on or suggest new features that are important to you:


@Eray Chou

Respectfully, the Planner roadmap shows absolutely nothing of value. The UserVoice is filled with great ideas, but nothing has changed in months, and the current lack of roadmap makes me wonder where we should be going and also what we should be recommending to our customers that we are helping with Teams implementations.