Performance issues with Teams Production Mode

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We are trying to figure out where some performance issues came from during a Teams Live Event, the event performed brilliantly throughout, however our producers had some issues after about 1hr where the 'sending to live' message lagged for up to 30 seconds. Does this performance relate to the device, cloud platform or network connection. There were no other noticeable issues with the event quality.

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@joshjohnson This could have been any number of reasons.  Without having any of the user information, it's hard to tell.  If this happens again, please go to the 'help' icon on the bottom left hand side of your client and and 'report a problem' so the team can capture logs at the moment you are experiencing the issue (or have the presenter who is experiencing it do it from their machine).  


If there were no known issues at that time, it is safe to say it was the network connection. With near perfect performance up to that time, I would doubt it is due to the device.  Always a best practice to hard wire in - especially with so many of us working from home on our home wifi networks right now.  Thank you for the question.