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We are in the process of installing a SharePoint 2016 environment to use for onedrive for business as part of a windows 10 rollout - will / is team available to install on premise rather than in the cloud - we are a healthcare company and as such we have some pretty strict rules governing what is allowed to go into the cloud at present -UK Based.

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I would like to see this response as well.
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Microsoft Teams is currently an O365 product so are a cloud-only service

Can you also share more on the specific restrictions that make O365 public cloud a problem (here or in the feedback tool)? As Angela said, Microsoft Teams is a cloud product, but it is possible have users' Exchange mailboxes hosted in on-premises or cloud.

"But" are there any plans to make it available for those that cannot use cloud based services - on prem.

the reason I ask is we are currently looking for something in this space and if there is possiblity in the near future then this is preferred as a MS house ?

it is to do with the fact that - MS can "failover" to the US and as there is a good chance there is patient data we are not allowed to do this - I know MS have recently opened 2 data centres in the UK but for us it is probably still too early to use them until a couple of NHS trusts have gone that way already (we are a privately run charity but have strong ties with the NHS)

We are associated with the healthcare industry (in the US) as well, (plus - we're attached to a State university) - and I could have sworn that Microsoft had a option (somewhere in their literature?) that allowed sys admins to specify which MS data centers would be allowed to host/store a given tenant's dataset??  To follow your example - I thought there was a way to restrict a given O365 tenant "just to Data Center A"....or "just Data Centers on the east coast".....or "just this one Data Center"??


Am I completely wrong on that?  Couldn't you restrict your given O365 tenant to "UK South", "UK North" (both in England), and "North Europe" (in Ireland, but still UK...?)