On-premise on roadmap for Teams?

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Wondering what the roadmap looks like as far as bringing Teams out of the O365 at some point as an option for on-premise deployment (ie Skype for Business Server 2019)?


We are very eager to settle on a team collaboration solution, and there being no on-premise option for Teams is causing us to seek more clarity on the eventual plans around this.


Thank you in advance!



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I don’t speak for Microsoft here , but I find this highly unlikely!
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Absolutely understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately, the only roadmap at the moment is and there is nothing on there or nothing I have heard of. Unfortunately, I would agree with Adam here as it being highly unlikely, hence why Skype exists 2019 and everything in 365 is moving to Teams.

It would be very short-sighted of MS to restrict such services to Online only.  There are many organizations with significant proprietary data that should never be on a public server.  This prevents organizations with Enterprise licenses to fully employ the tools available as part of their purchase.

It would be a pity... I also think that would be a misjudgement ...

#Teams for EU governments?


 Working a lot with EU governments/ government agencies - #GDPR and #CloudAct makes #Teams a solution out of scope for all EU based government agencies - a huge market that obviously also will affect #O365 sales/licenses.


All strategies/architectures I have been working on are #Hybrid based.

To me when everything in the stack is virtualised and containerbased services connected w #API it would be strange not to be able to run #Teams on premise either through a virtual implementation of the product itself or through an onpremise #Azurestack.


Anyone from @microsoft that care to comment on this?