On emails being sent directly to a channel

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On emails being sent directly to a channel using the email connector, is there a size limit? I was using it as a solution for some security camera alerts but occasionally the emails would stop appearing in Teams when there was no errors on the sending side?

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Yes there are some limits for emails sent to teams. Ref: but I copied the important bits for you:2019-02-14 17_12_22-Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams _ Microsoft Docs.png

Well those are the limits for attachments etc. however, to answer the question it's on the same article, use the Exchange Online limits link just below this section, that should be the same limits in regards to max message/attachment size etc. in addition to these.

While those limits are correct, they are a bit misleading.


If an email message is too big to fit in a Teams message, it shows the first part of the message and some text saying it's too big to fit, and then shows the original email message as an .eml attachment to open in Outlook. If the messages you are sending are not over the limits Tom shared, then there may be a problem with the service.

These emails had video attachments on them so even one by itself is easily over the limits posted. There would be no preview or message in teams.


Ah in that case we (the service that's sending the email) don't even know about it (we've submitted it already). Maybe there's a way of sending the videos as a link instead of an attachment?

The 25k limit is the eml text message itself. The attachments can be or should be able to go up to 150MB between O365 accounts, but can be down to 112 MB total per e-mail. So if they exceed 112MB then it'll most likely be rejected.

Might check your outbound logs if you have them from that video system to see if it got an NDR.

the attachments are about 10MB but the issue would start if there was a batch of events that came through in a short period of time. I'll check the logs for errors if I use this solution again. 


I didn't know that email to a channel had been released for government customers.

Sadly no email a channel in Gov :(

Emails being sent into a Channel is actually one of the least used features in Teams. We decided not to bring that feature into the Government Clouds and focus on bringing more impactful features instead.

What about flow actions in Teams? If so you could technically use flow to Mimick the functionality

Flow isn't available yet in any of the Microsoft 365 Government Clouds...

Or maybe incoming webhook connector via flow?
Ahh. Wasn’t aware of that. Never mind in the ideas :).

Without Flow or being able to email a channel, there is a lot of reporting that we can't move into Teams. I guess we'll just go back into waiting mode and ignore all of the neat stuff commercial customers get to do for a while longer.